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you know you needed a vacation...

when you don't want to come back. Of course it didn't help that most of you that I saw while in Indy didn't really want me to leave either. I appreciate that. Thanks to dayzdark for another wonderful party, and for giving up your bed to a very travel weary person. All together I had too much fun. There were only a few instances when I didn't find myself beaming because I felt like I was finally home again. Didn't get to RP as much as I wanted due to said weariness but all things considered I had a lot of fun. Wish I could have spent more time with one person but hopefully that will be remedied in the spring. Didn't go ice skating this time due to weak ankle concerns but did get out bowling and saw people I haven't seen in years and watched Wall-E and bought dice, so overall the trip was pretty productive. Only problem is that now I'm really homesick. And I really miss people again. But now I have different choices to make when I move back. We'll see what comes of that. Anybody want to have lunch in Lafayette on June 27th? I might be coming back for my cousin's wedding. :)
Think that's all for now.
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