flying chaos kitty (tyomniye) wrote,
flying chaos kitty

healthy again?

probably not since I'm sunburned, but I just got back from a retreat that included yoga, qigong, tai chi & reiki.. so I now have contact with a reiki master who is willing to work on some things with me & hopefully sort out some of my issues.. also met someone who's only a year older than I am but everyone else was from El Paso, so visiting will be a 1.5 hour trip each way. Not too bad when considering that my aunt & uncle also live there. In fact, my aunt talked me into attending the self defense class taught by the man who organized the retreat.

I do feel more relaxed.. just hope I can keep this going... right now I'm tired and nearly incoherent.. tomorrow I'll be really sore.. rofl.. wheee for new things that twist your body in ways it's not used to..
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