flying chaos kitty (tyomniye) wrote,
flying chaos kitty

up too early

so I will be going to a martial arts seminar (don't know if that's accurate considering it's completely participation, but it's called the Ruidoso Roundup & that's a bit too southwest for me) the first weekend in October. Mom thinks it will be therapeutic & is therefore helping with the associated costs. Thank goodness. But hopefully I'll be able to get in some sort of shape other than round & pudgy by then.

I auditioned for a movie but I doubt I'll be cast as anything. There's some nudity in the picture so that made me a little hesitant to begin with. Still, I could take some vacation time from work & get paid for the movie on top of that. Wouldn't that be lovely? Still need to get back to the lady at the college on the community ed thing. But I haven't had any brilliant ideas & I keep getting caught up in my non-life.

Today we have Cottonwood festivals in two places, Alamogordo & Cloudcroft. Also planning on hitting one of my friend's exotic pet shops. She's having a baby in Dec. after years of trying, so I'm really excited for her. Mom also wants to see the new Hastings that opened earlier this month. It's new & shiny & doesn't seem to fit in Alamogordo.

In sad news, the mother of my babysitter from when I was little just passed away. Wish I could go to the funeral, she was like another grandmother to me. Have to be content with sending flowers or something though. She was a phenomenal person.

Think I'll go try to cheer up & wake up now.
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