flying chaos kitty (tyomniye) wrote,
flying chaos kitty

rampant insanity

most of us probably don't take UFOs too seriously.. in Roswell they definitely do..

we didn't actually stay for the parade since it wasn't until 9 pm but we got into the UFO museum before the hordes of people arrived & I got a bunch of free stuff at the airfield where several planes were on display..

just to give you an idea of how much the town revolves around the promotion of these theories, here are a few pics..

a poster at the space-themed McDonalds (there was no way around the glare)
a local cafe near the UFO museum (I did get shots of each panel along the building so sooner or later they'll be on my website)
and a rather humorous display inside the museum

if I'm still around next year I want to stay for the parade since the strangest clothing additions I noticed outside the community theatre presentation were alien-shaped sunglasses & alien antennae.. those aren't so great for pictures..
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