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he is the part of me I lost long ago

there are so many things to say about this weekend, so many emotions.. some amazing, some painful.. but I think it all turned out okay, or at least I hope it will

the newly-weds are perfect together.. I only hope I can be so lucky someday

27 people for Pirates III, can anything beat that? maybe trying to swing with the nykkit or meeting the baby for the first time.. or holding a priest's collar & wondering what my expression looked like since everyone else broke out in hysterics..

I slow danced with a woman, four men & a baby in the middle.. whoever took the picture must post it somewhere & then let me know where it is please.. :)

I keep learning more about myself.. maybe this whole mental issue will make it possible for me to find a way to stop screwing up my life & actually make something of it.. I just hope it won't be too late

to all of my friends who made it: I love you dearly & thank you for all the love you've shown me.. for those of you who didn't make it, I wish you had & I love you too

to those who don't really know me that well but were there for me too, especially R & J, thank you.. if someone who knows what that refers to could let me know how to contact them, I would appreciate it..

to my optimism (who will likely never read this) you know how I feel so I will do my best not to keep repeating myself.. & yes, I do know how you feel, at least I think I do.. & I understand.. just remember, I am me.. I am changing.. I am volatile at times.. and you balance me.. it's the hedgehog's dilemma.. the closer you are, the more it hurts, the more frightening it is to open up

there is so much more.. so much.. I just can't put it into words

I will say this though.. I never ever thought I would regret having to leave MN
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