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when deep breathing doesn't work you know you're in trouble..

apparently I have a family history on my mom's side of random, sometimes severe panic attacks.. I had my first last July, which caused my broken ankle in a rather strange way.. since then I've been having minor ones occasionally which I could deal with by lying in bed & breathing deeply for a while.. the most recent one started Friday and hasn't stopped yet.

after a frustrating trip to the E.R. on Saturday where they told me they couldn't do anything for me & I needed to consult my primary care physician (they wouldn't even check to see if I was dehydrated or if the tightness in my chest was possibly something more serious) it just got worse. I gave in and started taking the meds that my dr. gave me last Sept. for depression b/c they also work on anxiety, but they take a few days to kick in. Yesterday morning I went to the dr. after a sleepless night thanks to my general state of "I'm going to die"

Now I have sedatives to keep me from going insane or convincing myself well enough that something actually goes terribly wrong before the other meds kick in. I hate the idea of mind-altering meds but I think I reached the point where I have no choice.. wheee.. usually it's a bad sign when you feel like you have to check your pulse every 2 minutes even though you know that if you're able to check your pulse, your heart probably hasn't stopped.. so any happy/calming thoughts that people want to send my way wouldn't hurt.. just wish I knew what caused it or how to deal with it without meds
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