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for anyone who didn't think it possible..

6 months without male companionship on Monday, and no I haven't switched to women.. and I had several people interested but I wasn't interested in them for various reasons.. so yay for me I suppose

I broke down and bought an actual hat today for hiking.. ball caps only block sun from one direction and I hate having a partially sunburned face.. the lady tried to interest me in the "Toby Keith" version until I told her I hate country... scary thing is that the one I got actually looks kind of cute on me.. & I have a huge head, but most of you already knew that.. :P
now I need non-holey hiking boots.. must go to El Paso..

on the vicious sun topic, does anyone know of a sunscreen in the 30 spf range that doesn't smell like coconut? I'd rather not develop skin cancer while I'm here so I want something I can wear every day without smelling of coconut or setting off my allergies..

I am going to be in the theatre guild at NMSU-A.. the next meeting is Apr. 1, so I get to go & see what they actually do.. :P

they're fixing the rest of my teeth on Tuesday, then I get to focus on paying everything back.. hopefully nothing else money-intensive will pop up, but knowing my life, something strange will happen every few months or so..

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